Reproductive Services and Procedures

We want to ensure that we are quoting you accurately for the specific procedure or service you are requesting.  Below is a list of services and procedures we offer.  To get a specific quote please contact us at 603-335-2120 and ask a member of our reproductive services to provide you a custom quote.

  • In-house Progesterone Testing:
  • Brucellosis Testing: 
  • ICSB Semen Freezing:
  • Surgical Artificial Insemination:
  • Vaginal Insemination:
  • Mavic Insemination:
  • Transcervical Insemination:
  • Pre-shipment Semen Test:
  • Chilled Semen Shipment:
  • Frozen Semen Shipment:
  • Epididymal Harvest:

ICSB Cryo-Kit:

For dogs that cannot be collected in a hospital setting or are not in the region. All you need to do to have your dog’s semen frozen and stored is:
1. Collect semen from your dog.
2. Add the semen to the Cryo-Kit Media.
3. Place the semen-media in the Cryo-Kit ordered from Broadview.
4. Ship Cryo-Kit to Broadview/ICSB.

Chill/Ship Kit:

The Chill/Ship kit provides the easiest system and prevents damage to sperm cells due to over-handling during the collection, packaging and shipping process. It is easy to use with just 4 simple steps:
1. Collect semen specimen from dog.
2. Pour specimen into the media tube and cap.
3. Place into the “Chill/Ship” kit purchased at Broadview as instructed.
4. Ship.
5. To use, simply warm the cooled semen to between room and body temperature and inseminate.


Available for purchase if the testes need to be shipped. (When you wish to ship the testes from an animal that is neutered, euthanized or has expired from an accident or disease, please call our office for prices.)

*(Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary due to weight/medical needs of the dog and individual circumstances. If you need a more precise estimate, please call our hospital.)

We look forward to continuing to support and help improve your breeding program.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the Reproduction Team at 603-335-2120.