Christine Davis, DVM

Born and raised in Montana, Dr. Davis loved animals from a young age and spent many hours on her grandfather’s cattle ranch taming barn kittens and feeding orphaned calves.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University. She then received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University. It was there that she met her future husband, Michael, and graduated with honors. She completed her internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Louisiana State University.

Dr. Davis began working at Broadview Animal Hospital in April of 1992 and became an owner of the practice in 2008. She loves all aspects of veterinary medicine but has particular interest in internal medicine, geriatrics, feline behavior and soft tissue surgery.

She states, “I love the human-animal bond and establishing a relationship with my clients that lasts for years. I truly enjoy meeting all of their pets and learning all of their stories.”

Her goals are to stay on top of the latest advances in veterinary medicine and also to continually improve upon the customer service we provide. She enjoys taking the time to be sure every patient is as comfortable and calm as possible, and even created special examination rooms in the hospital that are specially suited for our feline patients.

Dr. Davis is an admitted lover of “crazy adventures” and enjoys traveling to exotic locations. She has been skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and has even had a close encounter with a great white shark. She is a thrill seeker who is also athletic; she regularly competes in many sporting events like triathlons and road races.

Dr. Davis loves ballroom dancing with her husband, who is an equine veterinarian. They have a daughter and son who both attended college in New England. She owns three dogs: a Labrador Retriever mix named Rea a Shih Tzu named Reggie and a Maltese mix named Maizy. She also has three cats named Mackenzie, Finnegan and Owen.

Cameron MacDearmid, DVM

Dr. MacDearmid grew up in Topsfield, Massachusetts surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats, and chickens. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. He then received his Masters Degree in Microbiology from the University of Chicago, and later attended Cornell University where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. In 2014, Dr. MacDearmid joined the Broadview team and four years later in 2018 he became an owner of Broadview Animal Hospital.

Dr. MacDearmid states, “Being a veterinarian is a great fit for me because it combines my scientific background (I worked in a microbiology research laboratory for several years) with my love of working closely with both animals and people.”

His previous experience includes working at a mixed-animal practice in rural Maine. He has fond memories of his time spent on small farms and in households there. He states, “While it is unlikely that enormous, overzealous pigs will send me to the emergency room again, I do enjoy the challenge of working on difficult small animal cases.”

Along with a strong interest in dentistry and soft tissue surgery. He enjoyed traveling abroad to Honduras, where he spayed and neutered cats and dogs and performed horse castrations.

His goals are “to earn the trust of clients so that I can help provide excellent, compassionate healthcare for pets through all life stages. Since each animal and household is not the same, I believe that medical decisions should be guided by what is best for that specific pet. I enjoy helping clients make these sometimes difficult decisions and I look forward to forming lasting relationships with them and their pets.”

Dr. MacDearmid has a passion for all types of fishing, whether it be fly fishing, surf casting, or ice fishing (especially in Rangeley, Maine). He also enjoys playing soccer, carpentry, skiing, and hiking with his Pit Bull Terrier, named Brookie. He and his wife, Mollie, have two children at home to keep him busy when he is not at work.

Amanda Bernard, DVM

Ever since bottle feeding a wayward kitten and caring for neighborhood stray cats as a child, Dr. Amanda Bernard knew she wanted to become a veterinarian. Growing up in Rhode Island, Dr. Bernard attended the University of Rhode Island for her undergraduate degree in animal science before going on to obtain her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She completed a clinical year of training at The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

During veterinary school Dr. Bernard was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa and participate in conservation medicine efforts. There she had the opportunity to work with zebras, lions, wildebeest, and impala. Her special interests include feline medicine, feline behavior, surgery, and building relationships with her clients and their valued pets.

In her free time, Dr. Bernard enjoys yoga, puzzling, reading, going to the beach, and long drives exploring the state of NH. She lives locally with her three cats – Harvest, a rescue cat from veterinary school on the island of St Kitts, Dusty, a majestic long-haired cat, and Indigo, a recently adopted Siamese kitty.

Heather Berry, DVM

Dr. Berry grew up in Massachusetts and moved in New Hampshire after graduating from veterinary school. She is a graduate of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University where she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2001. She gained experience at clinics along the seacoast before settling in the Portsmouth area.

Dr. Berry has always loved science and animals, so it was a natural progression for her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She has been a team member with Broadview Animal Hospital since fall of 2015. As a veterinarian, she strives “to stay progressive in a continuously changing field. One of her goals is “to foster and help expand our reproductive services department”. Her favorite aspect of practicing veterinary medicine is being able to use her knowledge to investigate cases, solve problems, and to work as a team. Dr. Berry has a special interest in diagnostic ultrasound, which is a skill utilized in theriogenology.

An accomplished artist, Dr. Berry is a member of the Pastel Society of New Hampshire and Seacoast Artist Association. Her painting of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy can be seen on the August 2015 cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. She paints portraits of pets, people and nature. In her spare time she enjoys being outside, running, and hiking. She shares her home with her husband, son, daughter, a rescue dog named Einstein, and cat named Ricky.

Devan Chirgwin, DVM

Dr. Devan Chirgwin grew up local to the area and over the years has had a “circus” of cats, dogs and horses. She attended University of N.H. as an undergraduate before enrolling at North Carolina State University. While at vet school she got the opportunity to travel to the Galapagos Islands and assist with research and care for several giant tortoises. After graduation she then spent 2 years practicing in upstate NY before returning to New Hampshire and joining our team.

Dr. Chirgwin has always loved helping others – both two and four legged.  She enjoys getting to know each client and their furry family members and building those long term client-patient relationships. Dr. Chirgwin has interest in surgery, internal medicine as well as ophthalmology and ultrasonography.

Outside the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her dog named Tucker and cat Thumberlina.  She also enjoys hiking with Tucker, kayaking, snowshoeing and traveling as well as spending quality time with her family.

Maggie Chutter, DVM

Growing up in nearby Durham, New Hampshire, Dr. Chutter enjoyed owning and working with her family’s animals and was inspired by James Herriot to pursue a veterinary career. She attended Colby College for her undergraduate degree in Classics before completing her doctorate in veterinary medicine at Cornell University.

Dr. Chutter particularly enjoys working with pets of different breeds and personalities, getting to know a variety of pets and their owners, and providing care for patients throughout their lives. A special interest in animal behavior has led her to seek additional training in this area with the intent to share her knowledge with our Broadview clients.

An accomplished violist, Dr. Chutter participates in the local Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra. She also enjoys spending time with her kitty (Athena, named for a summer working with the stray cats of Athens, Greece), taking long walks with her dogs (collie Jester and boxer Mocha), and baking amazing cookies!

Cathy Gajewski, DVM

Dr. Gajewski grew up on her family’s horse farm in Norfolk, Massachusetts. She and her sisters always kept a menagerie of pets; including ponies, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and ducks. Her father always said his girls should grow up to be veterinarians, so it wasn’t surprising when not one, but two of his daughters chose to practice veterinary medicine as adults.

Dr. Gajewski received her Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell, where she played polo, and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. During her career at Tufts University, she was both founder and President of the Global Issues and Veterinary Education student group. She was also the proud recipient of the William Moulton Award for Global Issues in International Veterinary Medicine for her work with international aid agencies in Pakistan and Kenya.

Dr. Gajewski has experience near and far practicing veterinary medicine. She worked with livestock as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador and was a professor of small animal medicine and teaching clinician at the veterinary school in Monterrey, Mexico. After returning to the United States, she chose to focus on small animal medicine and worked at veterinary practices in both New Hampshire and Maine before joining the Broadview Animal Hospital team in June of 2009.

Dr. Gajewski was appointed by the Governor to the New Hampshire Board of Veterinary Medicine for a 5 year appointment from 2012 to 2017. This board serves a regulatory purpose, to help ensure the proper licensing of New Hampshire veterinarians and to protect the public against the unlawful practice of veterinary medicine. She has also been active in the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association since 2007 and even served as President in 2010. She is currently a board member who provides mentorship to new veterinarians and states that she “truly enjoys working ‘behind the scenes’ in this fashion. I love having the opportunity to help deal with issues that affect both my profession and pet owners.”

Dr. Gajewski says that she enjoys practicing veterinary medicine because “I truly love developing a relationship with my clients. I enjoy seeing the puppies and kittens that I care for grow up over the years.”

She has particular interest in senior pet wellness and a variety of chronic illnesses that affect senior pets, such as arthritis, diabetes, thyroid hormone disease, and organ dysfunction. She loves working with owners to keep their senior pets as healthy and happy as possible. Her goal is to continue learning every day to be the best veterinarian she can be.

In her free time, Dr. Gajewski loves spending time with her two Gordon Setters named Piper and Juna, and her Scottish Terrier named Mazie. She has interest in both photography and travel but would really love to own a small goat farm some day. She also likes to participate in outdoor activities like golfing, snowshoeing, and downhill skiing with her husband and son. She is an avid music lover who counts Latin and Andean music to be amongst her favorites.

Rachel Gerrol, DVM

Dr. Rachel Gerrol was born and raised near Albany, NY where she grew up always sharing her space with her family’s dogs.  She has always had a passion for helping animals and working with people so veterinary medicine was a natural fit for her. While attending vet school she had the opportunity to spend a week in Guatemala spaying and neutering the local’s pets along with educating owners about the benefits of vaccinations.  After graduating from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine she moved with her boyfriend Chris, an orange tabby “Fireball” and a betta fish “Scuttle” to Southern, New Hampshire.

Dr. Gerrol enjoys forming connections with clients and their pets and working together to make their pets’ lives happier and healthier. She also likes the diagnostic puzzle of challenging cases and has a strong interest in internal medicine and surgery.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking and trying out new recipes. She also enjoys numerous outdoor activities like going to the beach or taking a scenic hike. Dr. Gerrol has also has been practicing yoga for the past four years.