In House Pharmacy:

Our In-house Pharmacy is well stocked with the latest flea, tick and heartworm preventatives, as well as broad selection of prescription medications and supplements.  Please fill out the form below to request a prescription or refill from on of our hospitals.  If possible, provide 24 hours notice but we understand if you need it sooner, please let us know in the request.

There are many benefits of purchasing through our in-house pharmacy.

  • Ability to get your prescription quickly and easily.
  • Prescriptions are double checked and verified directly with your pets medical history to ensure correct.
  • Multiple forms of payment accepted in house including Cash, Care Credit and Well Fargo Patient Payments in addition to major credit cards.
  • Vendor supported rebates and in hospital promotions that are available will be provided and covered with you.
  • Get greeted by the smiling faces of our staff members while helping support a local business.
  • Ability to send you a secure payment link and ship most items directly to your do if you prefer to have delivered.

Online Pharmacy:

Our Online Pharmacies are an alternative to picking up prescriptions directly in the hospital.  In visiting each online pharmacy you will find over 10,000 products available to order. You will have the ability to request compounded medications, auto shipped pet food and access retail items that we do not stock at the hospital.

To view either of our online pharmacies please click select one below by clicking on the image under the pharmacy name. Pricing and promotions may vary between them so be sure to visit both before making a purchase.



There are many benefits of purchasing through our online pharmacy instead of other online pharmacies on the internet.

  • Our products are guaranteed from trusted reliable sources and have the same manufacture backing as if you picked them up at the hospital.  There is never any “Grey Market” or “Resold” product on our online pharmacy.
  • It has an easy to use interface that offers auto shipping and easy stored payment options (if you choose) for future orders.
  • Pricing is often competitive with other online pharmacies.
  • If you have any issues or concerns you can call the toll free number or contact us for assistance.
  • Any prescriptions purchased and approved through our online pharmacy will be directly recorded into your pets medical record.
  • By purchasing through our online pharmacy you are still supporting our hospital but getting the convenience of having items delivered directly to your door.

If you have any questions about our either of our pharmacies please do not hesitate to contact us.