Although senior pets may develop age-related problems, good care allows them to live happy, healthy and active lives in their senior years. Regular senior wellness veterinary examinations can detect problems in older pets before they become advanced or life-threatening, and improve the chances of a longer and healthier life.  To support our goal of helping pets have a happy, healthy lifestyle in their senior years we have created a “Friends for Life” program. 

The Friends for Life program incorporates;

  • Extended length senior pet appointments to ensure ample time to create a wellness plan for your pet.
  • A pre-visit appointment questionnaire (See below) to helps tailor the visit to your pets specific needs.
  • A report card with detailed notes to take home to share with your family members about the visit. 

By going through the Friends for Life program you will be taking a proactive approach to senior wellness and will have a better understanding of your pets overall health.  You will also be more aware of options available to help your pet with any age-related conditions or medical needs. 

We ask that you fill out and submit the canine or feline pre-visit questionnaire below prior to your visit. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete but it will help the doctor approach your pets visit based upon the information provided.

Canine Senior Wellness Questionnaire

Feline Senior Wellness Questionnaire

One of the best things you can do for your pet is be informed. Below are several articles about senior wellness related topics that we encourage you to review.  Each article is peer reviewed and veterinarian approved to ensure you are getting quality information.

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Senior Cat Care – Special Considerations

Wellness Testing in Senior Dogs

Wellness Testing in Senior Cats

Helping our Senior Dogs Age Gracefully

Helping our Senior Cats Age Gracefully

Below are some species specific handouts that you can use to help determine if your pet is experiencing pain from arthritis or many other conditions.  Pets by instinct hide their pain so using a checklist can make it easier to determine to what extent for your pets senior visit with the doctor.

Is your CAT in pain?

Is your DOG in pain?

Articles / Handouts Related to Quality of Life:

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